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Abstract Continuations


MTJA will update your abstract to a current date for selling or refinancing needs. A Continuation is a search of public records for a specific real estate and the title holders.

Closing Searches


MTJA can perform a closing search prior to a real estate closing or document filing. This is a search for a change in status of information previously provided through an abstract or certificate of title within a short period of time. We appreciate a two-day notice for all closing searches so that we can provide the most current and up-to-date information for you prior to your closing.

Document Verification and Filing


MTJA will check your filing documents for accurate legal descriptions, proper notarizations, and compliance with state and county regulations for recording. Upon verification of accurate filing documents, our staff will record the instrument of record.

Certificates of Title


MTJA can provide a Certificate of Title. The certificate shows the legal description, titleholder, mortgages, judgments and liens, and the tax status of specific real estate. This report is an abbreviated version of a title search, and does not include easements, restrictions, plats, surveys, and miscellaneous information that may affect the real estate, unless specifically requested. The Certificate of Title is less expensive than an abstract continuation but is limited in the information shown.

New Abstracts


MTJA will create a new abstract for platting purposes, selling needs, or replacing lost abstracts. New abstracts are created under the Forty Year Marketable Title Act (Iowa Code §614.29-.38) All matters of record prior to the date of the recording of the root of title are omitted except plats and surveys, easements, party wall and other boundary line agreements, and unexpired recorded leases, which are searched from government entry to current date.

Real Estate Closings and Escrow


MTJA has a closing department to handle all of your closing and escrow needs.  From a witness closing to a full closing with title commitment, MTJA can satisfy all of the demands that arise in the closing process. 

Courtesy Services


Notary Services: MTJA has Notary Publics on staff for your notarization needs. Upon providing verification of identification, our Notary Publics will acknowledge signatures in compliance with the State of Iowa.

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